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Memorandum of Understanding


This document is provided for informational purposes ONLY.  If your library is interested in joining PLOT, contact us and an official copy of this document will be delivered to you.

British Columbia Logo
Memorandum of Understanding
the                 Public Library and
the Libraries and Literacy Branch, Ministry of Education
Concerning the
PLOT Content Management System

The Libraries and Literacy Branch, Ministry of Education (“LLB”) is committed to assisting local public libraries in making their resources and services available to the citizens of British Columbia. As part of the Gateway initiative identified in the LLB ‘Libraries Without Walls’ strategic plan for public libraries, the LLB has deployed an open source content management tool and created PLOT, which allows libraries in British Columbia to easily provide information and resources to their constituents through a professional and efficient website.  In the spirit of this initiative, PLOT is now available for public libraries with ongoing support from LLB.  The use of PLOT will be bound by the following agreements.

The LLB and the                Public Library (“Public Library”), in seeking to provide valuable online resources to British Columbia citizens through a high-quality, locally maintained library website, agree to the following:

The Libraries and Literacy Branch (LLB) agrees:

  1. To host at no cost a PLOT website on behalf of Public Library.
  2. To provide the following features through PLOT, but not limited to:
      • Structural template encompassing the website, with fixed navigation tabs and colour schemes as agreed upon by Public Library.
      • Events calendar.
      • Library News “portlet”.
      • A photo album template, allowing Public Library to share images online.
  3. To provide the following types of pages that need only be updated with information specific to Public Library:
      • Home
      • About
          • A page to introduce the library, staff, and Board to your patrons.
          • A page with the library location and hours.
          • A page to publish library policies: how things are done at your library and why.
          • A page to present information on supporting your library, including but not limited to volunteering, Friends of the Library and Library Foundation organizations.
      • Services
          • A page where you can advertise every service that your library provides.
          • A page where you share information on how to get a card, how to renew materials, how to search for materials and place holds, etc.
      • Contacts
          • A page listing library contacts, including email addresses.
      • Kids
          • A page with information targeted to children and teens.
      • Community Info
          • A page with external links to local community information.
      • Ask a Question
          • A page listing the various options available to patrons for asking questions (chatting through the “Virtual Reference Service”, email, phone, and visiting options).
  4. To provide content for the following pages:
      • WebLinks
          • A set of librarian-reviewed websites.
      • Databases ("Find Articles") and Other Central Content
          • A page describing and linking to all the databases currently available through the Government of British Columbia.
      • Regularly updated news feeds from a choice of websites (e.g. bestseller lists, Canadian news).
  5. To provide technical assistance, including:
      • Initial training for all library staff responsible for creating and maintain Web content through PLOT.
      • Access to online training manual and other training resources.
      • Technical assistance with the following during the initial set-up phase:
          • Graphics
          • Colour schemes
          • Writing for the Web guidelines
  6. To review and upgrade the PLOT website with Public Library 6-12 months after the initial launch.

Public Library agrees:

  1. To provide the information requested by PLOT to set up and configure Public Library’s PLOT website.
      • Content should be edited by Public Library for the Web according to suggestions and Design Guidelines provided by LLB.
  2. To provide materials, input, and feedback in order to develop a professional-looking graphic that will appropriately brand Public Library’s PLOT website.  Such materials may include Public Library’s logo, city or county emblem, etc.
  3. To provide a colour scheme for the website.
  4. To establish Public Library’s PLOT website as Public Library’s only public website.
  5. To provide a staff (or volunteer) resource(s) that is (are) available a minimum of two hours per week to maintain and update the website.
  6. To accept the standardized URL provided by LLB for Public Library’s website.
  7. To set a “Go Live” date for Public Library’s PLOT website for which:
      • The “About”, “Services”, “Contacts”, “Community Info” sections have been updated accordingly.
      • Public Library’s graphic banner has been provided to LLB for use on Public Library’s PLOT website.
      • The “Go Live” date is within a reasonable time, not to exceed 45 days from which Public Library staff resource(s) received initial training.
  8. To help test the site.
  9. To participate in two usability sessions by recruiting members of the public to test the PLOT website.
  10. To participate in one or more training sessions offered by the LLB prior to launching the PLOT website.
  11. To have links (graphics or text) to the following websites or resources on one or more PLOT Web pages:
      • Footer contents: The                Public Library website was developed as part of the Public Library Online Templates (PLOT) project, an initiative of the B.C. Public Library Gateway Program.
      • Databases as currently provided through the Government of British Columbia.
  12. To update content on the PLOT website following its launch.
  13. To review the website with LLB for possible modifications 6-12 months after the initial launch.

Public Library and the LLB mutually agree:

  1. LLB will create templates controlling the “look and feel” of the website based on information submitted by Public Library.  Following the launch of the PLOT website, Public Library can alter content on existing pages, but will not have access to the Zope management system which controls the template format and structure. 
  2. That this memorandum of understanding will be in effect for a minimum of one year upon signature by both parties to the agreement.  Following this period of time, the agreement may be terminated by 90 days advance notice from either party, or by mutual consent of both parties.
  3. In the event of a termination of this agreement, potential migration costs will be borne by Public Library.

Duly Authorized Agent,                  Public Library

Duly Authorized Agent,                  Libraries and Literacy Branch